About project
Our service is only for the Canary Island residents and businesses.

The project Infocanarias.org is a news portal from the Canary Islands and it is specially dedicated to post commercial or other promotional information by companies and individual entrepreneurs on our news portal and to their subscribers too. The portal enables the companies and entrepreneurs to post the news in any of these 6 languages: Spanish, English, German, Russian, French and Italian. It is possible to make subscription lists according to selected languages and categories.

If your company has its own website, you can integrate a news block into our site enabling you to publish the news on your own and our portal simultaneously, thus expanding your potential customer audience.

The companies and entrepreneurs can post your news about discounts, special offers and promotions, events with their date and time, indicating the geolocation and navigation to the business or any other event taking place. This will let potential customers be aware of your business and view detailed information about your company as well.

Visitors of the portal will be able to view and read the news they are interested in using their own language, make subscriptions provided by companies, cancel or suspend a subscription if it is not necessary for a while. Users of INFOCANARIAS.ORG portal can view the news from their PC or any mobile gadget.

We are searching for partners. We expect that a potential candidate should be a marketing specialist or a commercial agent with a desire to work hard, to be goal- oriented and sales driven.
Possibilities: to get a good commission reward from sales and become a representative in your city or municipality.
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